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Posters and Rooms

Poster IDRoomPresenting AuthorTitleTopic
11Tariq D Al-Saadi“Cognitive Deficits in Pediatric Craniopharyngioma: An Updated Review”Cognitive
21Angeliki Zarkali“Visual dysfunction predicts cognitive impairment and white matter degeneration in Parkinson’s disease”Cognitive
31Eric R Albuquerque“Single Unit Recordings During Working Memory Indicate Divergent Roles for Lateral and Medial Prefrontal Cortex.”Cognitive
41Pascale T Patenaude“Hippocampal and amygdala structural changes in autism throughout development “Cognitive
51Kamyar Moradi“The transition of mild cognitive impairment over time: An AV45- and FDG-PET study of reversion and conversion phenomena”Cognitive
61Fatemeh Asgharian Asl“Comparison of the Effectiveness of Unilateral and Bilateral Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation on Response Inhibition of Female Patients with Major Depressive Disorder”Cognitive
71Alicia J Rybicki“Dopaminergic modulation of learning from social and individual information”Cognitive
81Andrea Luppi“A Synergistic Workspace for Human Consciousness “Cognitive
91Alistair Perry“Longitudinal changes in structural connectivity in young people at high genetic risk for bipolar disorder”Cognitive
101Roksana Markiewicz“How the healthy ageing brain supports semantic binding during language comprehension”Cognitive
111Nicholas G Cicero“Attention and memory encoding with healthy aging and implications for cognitive impairment”Cognitive
121Justin Reber“Cognitive impairment after focal brain lesions is better predicted by damage to structural than functional network hubs”Cognitive
131James D. Stefaniak“A meta-analysis of language network plasticity in post-stroke aphasia”Cognitive
141Leah Banellis“Heart-evoked potentials reflect interoceptive-exteroceptive predictions, during a paradigm with individual adjustment of cardio-audio delays”Cognitive
151Youssuf Saleh“Apathy in small vessel cerebrovascular disease is associated with deficits in effort-based decision making”Cognitive
161Feng Deng“Cognition alterations in asymptomatic midlife individuals at increased risk of dementia”Cognitive
171Tariq D Al-Saadi“Neurosurgery Residents’ Perspective on COVID-19: Knowledge, Readiness, and Impact of this Pandemic”COVID-19
181tahani K. Alshammari“Examining Stress of Virtual Learning in Collages of Health Sciences:  A Cross-Sectional Study in The Era of COVID-19 Pandemic in Saudi Arabia”COVID-19
191Yizhou Yu“Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases predict different COVID-19 outcomes, a UK Biobank study “COVID-19
201Akram A. Hosseini“Long-term consequences of COVID-19 on neurocognitive and mental health functions: Clinical and 7T MRI study”COVID-19
211Lorenzo Muccioli“COVID-19-related encephalopathy resembles neurotoxicity associated with chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy”COVID-19
221Gabriele Lignani“Activity-dependent Gene Therapy for Intractable Epilepsy”Epilepsy
231Ali Alim-Marvasti“The Probabilistic Landscape of Seizure Semiology Localising Values: Visualisations from 4643 Patients”Epilepsy
241PUGAZHANDHI  BAKTHAVATCHALAM “A Critical Analysis of Selective Systemic Chemoconvulsants Induced Temporal Lobe Epilepsy in Rodent Models “Epilepsy
251Rayyan R Zafar“Ending the pain of children with severe epilepsy? An audit of the impact of medical cannabis in 10 patients”Epilepsy
261Sophie Adler“Multi-centre Epilepsy Lesion Detection (MELD) Project: Predictors of lesion location and postsurgical seizure freedom in focal cortical dysplasia”Epilepsy
271Mathilde Ripart“MELD project: Quantitative analysis of associations between MRI features and FCD histopathologies”Epilepsy
281Aswin Chari“Drug-resistant focal epilepsy in children is associated with increase modal controllability of the whole brain and epileptogenic regions “Epilepsy
291Anna M. Witkowska-Wrobel“Imaging seizures with Electrical Impedance Tomography”Epilepsy
301Mark Thaller“Negative impact of COVID-19 lockdown on papilloedema and idiopathic intracranial hypertension”Headache
311Andreas Yiangou“Erenumab for headaches in idiopathic intracranial hypertension: A prospective open-label evaluation”Headache
321Olivia Grech“Investigation of mitochondrial respiratory function in a brain slice model of cortical spreading depression.”Headache
331Alexander Gordon“The Effectiveness and Safety Profile of Greater Occipital Nerve Blockade in Cluster Headache: A Systematic Review”Headache
341James Mitchell“A randomised, controlled, trial of the GLP-1 receptor agonist Exenatide in Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension”Headache
351Giovanna Capodivento“Sphingomyelin: a novel CSF biomarker of demyelination in immune-mediated neuropathies”Immune-mediated neuropathies
361Laura Bricio-Moreno“Astrocyte and neuron derived CXCL1 drives neutrophil transmigration and blood-brain barrier permeability in viral encephalitis”Infectious diseases
371Asma Hassani“Primary peripheral EBV infection can lead to CNS infection and inflammation in a rabbit model”Infectious diseases
381Greta K WOOD“Clinical, investigatory, and aetiological predictors of seizures in acute encephalitis”Infectious diseases
392Iona E Pearson“The prevalence and management of saliva problems in motor neuron disease: A 4-year analysis of the Scottish MND Register”Motor Neuron Disease
402Chencheng  Zhang“Subthalamic and pallidal stimulations in patients with Parkinson’s disease: common and dissociable connections”Movement disorders
412Angeliki Zarkali“Organisational and neuromodulatory underpinnings of structure-function decoupling in Parkinson’s disease”Movement disorders
422Chang-Le Chen“Differentiation of Brain Aging between Multiple System Atrophy and Parkinson’s Disease Using MRI-based Brain Age Paradigm”Movement disorders
432George E C Thomas“Regional brain iron and gene expression provide insights into neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s disease”Movement disorders
442Samuel Shribman“Biomarkers for brain injury and copper toxicity in Wilson’s disease: A diffusion tensor imaging study”Movement disorders
452Dr. Deepika Shukla“Glutathione, GABA+, and Glx Quantitation from Substantia Nigra in Parkinson’s Disease Patients: A Cross-sectional MR Spectroscopy Study”Movement disorders
462Anna Sadnicka“Postural instability in DYT-TOR1A dystonia dynamically dependent on sensory feedback”Movement disorders
472Anna Sadnicka“Cortical sensorimotor representations remain normal in musicians’ dystonia  despite global deficit in dexterity”Movement disorders
482Yae Ji Kim“Baseline regional white matter networks predict the development of Levodopa-induced dyskinesia in drug naïve Parkinson’s Disease”Movement disorders
492Shenghong He“Rhythmic modulation of alpha and beta oscillations in the pedunculopontine nucleus by gait-phase”Movement disorders
502Abidemi I Otaiku“Impulse Control Disorders in Idiopathic REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder and Drug-Naive Parkinson’s Disease”Movement disorders
512TANMAYEE SAMANTARAY“Meta-Analysis of Clinical Symptoms and Data Driven Subtyping Approaches in Parkinson’s Disease”Movement disorders
522Sebastian R  Schreglmann“Non-invasive Amelioration of Essential Tremor via Phase-Locked Disruption of its Temporal Coherence”Movement disorders
532Roni O Maimon-Mor“Early life experience sets hard limits on motor learning: Evidence from artificial arm use”Movement disorders
542Bianca A Schuster“Effects of the dopamine D2 receptor antagonist Haloperidol on mentalizing performance in healthy adults”Movement disorders
553Sophie L Sowden“Effects of dopamine D2 receptor antagonist Haloperidol on movement speed in a drawing task “Psychopharmacology
562Vinojini Vivekanandam“Andersen-Tawil Syndrome:  Multi-System Deep Phenotyping of a large UK cohort”Muscle
572Robert D S  Pitceathly“Cardiolipin in health and mitochondrial disease”Muscle
582Christopher J Record“Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease secondary to biallelic mutations in SORD”Nerve
592Sudarshini Ramanathan“Immunotherapy responsive neuropathic pain associated with LGI1 and CASPR2 antibodies”Nerve
602Carolynne M Doherty“Neuromuscular MRI as an outcome measure for Charcot Marie Tooth disease.”Nerve
612Maria Loizidou“Reforming support systems of newly diagnosed brain cancer patients: A systematic review”Neuro-Oncology
622Miguel Eduardo García-García“Identification of metabolic and molecular features to identify novel diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in gliomas”Neuro-Oncology
632Antonio C Fuentes-Fayos“Translational evidence of the additive antitumor effects of metformin and statins in brain tumors”Neuro-Oncology
642Juan Solivera“Genetic and 1H-HRMAS metabolic profile as a prognostic tool for overall survival in wildtype-glioblastoma patients”Neuro-Oncology
652Darius Ebrahimi-Fakhari“Systematic Analysis of Brain MRI Findings In Adaptor Protein Complex 4 – associated Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia Reveals Patterns For Diagnosis and Disease Progression”Neurogenetics
662Mohammad S.E. Sendi“The link between brain functional network connectivity and genetic risk of Alzheimer’s disease “Neurogenetics
672Elisenda Bueicheku“Neurogenetic bases of the visuomotor integration system”Neurogenetics
682Katherine E Fodder“Brain co-methylation signatures in Progressive supranuclear palsy “Neurogenetics
692Charley Peitzmeier“The Influence of Alcohol Intake Levels in Control Subjects on Signal Strength in Genetic Association Studies of Alcohol Use Disorder”Neurogenetics
702Marta Perez-Gonzalez“Neural circuit dysfunction in the Dp1Tyb mice model of Down Syndrome”Neurogenetics
712Phillip M Muza“Altered Neural Dynamics in the Dp2Yey Mouse Model of Down Syndrome”Neurogenetics
722Dila Atak“Generation and Characterization of an Inducible Pericyte Ablation Model in Adult Mice”Neurogenetics
732May Yung Tiet“White Matter Hyperintensities and Brain Microbleeds in adults with Ataxia-Telangiectasia”Neurogenetics
742Dr RAJESH THANGARAJAN“Effects of adolescent physical exercise and environmental enrichment on prenatal inflammation induced structural alterations in hippocampal neurons in Wistar rats”Neuroinflammation/MS
752Rebecca  K Holloway“Microglial inflammasome activation drives developmental white matter injury”Neuroinflammation/MS
762Adam Al-Diwani“Direct evaluation of cervical lymph node and ovarian teratoma as sites of auto-reactivity in NMDAR-antibody encephalitis”Neuroinflammation/MS
772Niamh B McNamara“Microglia regulate the integrity of myelin in the central nervous system.”Neuroinflammation/MS
782Antonio ACC Cerdán-Cerdá“Whole Brain in vivo axonal diameter mapping in multiple sclerosis”Neuroinflammation/MS
793Athina R Aruldass“Dysconnectivity within an interoceptive functional network was associated with heightened peripheral inflammation in depression. “Neuropsychiatry of pain
803Yun Liang“Imaging Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain: Insights from Combining AI and Granger Causality”Neuropsychiatry of pain
813Xianwei Che“High-frequency rTMS over the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex on chronic and provoked pain: A systematic review and meta-analysis”Neuropsychiatry of pain
823Fintan Milligan“The Prevalence of Functional Neurological Disorders in Patients with Idiopathic Urinary Retention “Neuropsychiatry of pain
833Ravi R Bhatt“Morphological Brain Differences in People Reporting Chronic Pain Across Different Body Sites in the UK BioBank”Neuropsychiatry of pain
843Mohammad S.E. Sendi“Brain dynamic functional connectivity predicts treatment response to electroconvulsive therapy in major depressive disorder”Psychiatric disorders
853Jaleed Gilani“Utilization and outcomes with low dose tissue plasminogen activator as intravenous thrombolytic therapy for ischaemic stroke at Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi: a retrospective analysis”Stroke
863siobhan Crilly“Chemical screening in zebrafish larval model of intracerebral haemorrhage identifies ACE-inhibitors as potential therapeutic”Stroke
873Ioana F Grigoras“A single, clinically relevant dose of baclofen significantly impairs motor sequence learning”Stroke
883Priyanka Shridharan“Effect of different statin dosages on infarct volume and its functional outcome following acute ischemic stroke”Stroke
893Anna K Bonkhoff“Sex-specific lesion pattern of long-term functional outcome after stroke”Stroke
903James JM Loan“Neuroinflammation after intracerebral haemorrhage: a systematic review and meta-analysis of molecular analyses of human brain tissue. “Stroke
913James JM Loan“Nrf2-dependent myelomononuclear responses to intracerebral haemorrhage”Stroke
923Laura McCulloch“Treatment with IgM-enriched intravenous immunoglobulins (IgM-IVIg) enhances clearance of spontaneous bacterial lung infection after experimental stroke”Stroke
933Niamh Moreton“The modulatory effects of dimethyloxalylglycine and MnTMPyP on synaptic transmission post hypoxia in isolated rat hippocampal slices. N. Moreton1, J. J. O’Connor1. 1UCD School of Biomolecular & Biomedical Science, UCD Conway Institute, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.”Stroke
943MARTINA PUZIO“The effects of the nonspecific prolyl hydroxylase inhibitor, dimethyloxaloylglycine (DMOG) on synaptic transmission and plasticity in rat hippocampal slices”Stroke
953Enzo G Plaitano“Impact of Amantadine Hydrochloride on Hospitalized Acute Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Stroke Patients”Stroke
963Ali Ali“The acute effects of remote ischaemic conditioning on cerebral perfusion in healthy subjects”Stroke
973Mia Kolmos“Recurrent Ischemic Stroke – A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis”Stroke
983Francesca Pischiutta“Human amniotic mesenchymal stromal cell secretome  protects the brain after traumatic injury”Traumatic brain injury
993Federico Moro“Acute neuroprotection by inhaled Argon after brain injury in mice “Traumatic brain injury
1003Federico Baldini“Mice exposed to midline repeated mild traumatic brain injury have more pronounce memory impairment and hippocampal neuropathology than those with a lateral site of injury”Traumatic brain injury
1013Ronak Ved“Can manipulation of neuroinflammation modulate oligodendrogenesis and white matter repair after TBI?”Traumatic brain injury
1023Alice O’Donnell“The prognostic value of resting-state EEG in acute posttraumatic unresponsive states”Traumatic brain injury
1033Susruta Manivannan“Glycyrrhizin reverses the damaging effects of traumatic neuronal injury on cortical neurogenesis”Traumatic brain injury
1043Helena A Cavaleiro“Development of a physiologically relevant ex vivo model of traumatic brain injury to study compounds targeting injury progression”Traumatic brain injury
1053Bridgette D Semple“Acute treatment with TrkB agonist LM22A-4 confers neuroprotection and preserves myelin integrity in a mouse model of pediatric traumatic brain injury”Traumatic brain injury
1063Sean Coulborn“Disruptions in effective connectivity within and between default mode network and anterior forebrain mesocircuit in disorders of consciousness”Traumatic brain injury
1073Mario Forcione“A method to perform functional near-infrared spectroscopy in diffuse optical tomography on traumatic brain injury patients in the intensive care unit: a prospective study on healthy volunteers”Traumatic brain injury
1083Neil Graham“Advanced blood and neuroimaging biomarkers of axonal injury after TBI in the prospective multi-centre BIO-AX-TBI study”Traumatic brain injury
1093Marie Hanscom“Colonic Inflammation During Chronic Experimental Traumatic Brain Injury in Mice Exacerbates TBI-related Neurological Outcomes and Induces Systemic Inflammation and Dysautonomia”Traumatic brain injury
1103Lennart Riemann“Relationship between intracranial lesions on brain computed tomography and global functional outcome in adolescents with mild traumatic brain injury”Traumatic brain injury
1113Lennart  R B Spindler“Dopaminergic brainstem disconnection is common to pathological and pharmacological consciousness perturbation”Traumatic brain injury
1123Rebecca J Henry“Microglial depletion with CSF1R Inhibitor During Chronic Phase of Experimental Traumatic Brain Injury Reduces Neurodegeneration and Neurological Deficits”Traumatic brain injury
1133Isaac Kelleher-Unger“Information and Communication in the Injured Brain”Traumatic brain injury
1143Emma-Jane Mallas“Pathological slowing in post-traumatic amnesia underpins impaired binding of information in working memory”Traumatic brain injury
1153Penny Trayner“Using software technology in neurorehabilitation to facilitate effective, time-efficient goal setting”Traumatic brain injury
1163Nicola L de Souza“Differentiating Cognitive and Psychological Latent Profiles in U.S. Military Personnel with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”Traumatic brain injury
1173Niall Bourke“Classifying volume abnormality in paediatric traumatic brain injury: a normative population approach “Traumatic brain injury
1184Muireann Irish“Anhedonia in frontotemporal dementia – the forgotten clinical symptom?”Neurodegenerative
1194Ashvini Keshavan“Population-based blood screening for pre-clinical Alzheimer’s disease in a British birth cohort at age 70”Neurodegenerative
1204Lauren Miller“Tau assemblies do not behave like independently acting prion-like particles in mouse neural tissue”Neurodegenerative
1214Irene Molina-Gonzalez“Astrocyte-Oligodendrocyte interaction regulates central nervous system regeneration”Neurodegenerative
1224Elizaveta Olkhova“Mitochondrial dysfunction in parvalbumin interneurons leads to early-onset neurological symptoms associated with mitochondrial disease in vivo”Neurodegenerative
1234Richard A Hickman“Mixed brain pathologies in Huntington disease “Neurodegenerative
1244Martha McLaughlin“Investigating the role of intron retention in FUS protein autoregulation and its relevance to ALS/FTD”Neurodegenerative
1254Jordi Galiano“CD8+ T cell nigral infiltration precedes synucleinopathy and neuronal death in Parkinson’s disease”Neurodegenerative
1264Lidon Marin-Marin“White matter integrity between the precuneus and left parahippocampus differentiates mild cognitive impairment converters from non-converters”Neurodegenerative
1274Samantha M Loi“Survival in younger-onset dementia”Neurodegenerative
1284Vyshnavy Balendra“Antioxidant Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease: Superoxide Dismutase”Neurodegenerative
1294Emily Beswick“A systematic review of extra-motor symptom evaluation in clinical trials for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.”Neurodegenerative
1304Laura E Hughes“GABAergic modulation of cortical network oscillations underlying motor learning in frontotemporal lobar degeneration”Neurodegenerative
1314Elliot Dryer-Beers“Effects of Polyphenol Consumption on Cognition and Neuroimaging Phenotypes of Cognitive Decline”Neurodegenerative
1324Hayley C Miller“Metallothionein 1 overexpression does not protect against mitochondrial disease pathology in Ndufs4 knockout mice”Neurodegenerative
1334Jenny Lange“Astrocyte metabolic activity is impaired in Huntington’s Disease”Neurodegenerative
1344Susan R Goulding“Growth differentiation factor 5 is neuroprotective in an _-synuclein rat model of Parkinson’s disease.”Neurodegenerative
1354Paige S Mumford“Preclinical modelling in the mouse of altered neuroinflammation in AD-DS”Neurodegenerative
1364Marta Perez-Gonzalez“PLA2G4E, a candidate gene for resilience in Alzheimer´s disease and a new target for dementia treatment”Neurodegenerative
1374Eric Hidari“A quantitative PATH for neurodegenerative diseases”Neurodegenerative
1384Carla Castany“Sertraline treatment normalizes striatal protein translation and ameliorates motor deficits in the R6/1 mouse model of Huntington’s disease “Neurodegenerative
1394Laura A Smith“Interneuron vulnerability underlying occipital cortex seizure activity in Alpers-Huttenlocher syndrome. “Neurodegenerative
1404Barbora Fulopova“Regional patterns of cortical beta amyloid deposition and brain connectivity in APP/PS1 mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease relative to ageing and following midlife environmental enrichment.”Neurodegenerative
1424Lisa Nobis“Serotonin modulates effort-based decision-making in Parkinson’s disease depending on baseline motivation”Neurodegenerative
1434Marina Célestine“Regulation of Alzheimer pathology by amyloid seeds: from toxic effects to therapeutic opportunities”Neurodegenerative
1444Suzanne Lam“Tau-seeded pathologies induced by human brain inoculation in a mouse model of amyloidosis is the main culprit for synaptic and cognitive deficits”Neurodegenerative
1454Martin J Dahl“Locus coeruleus integrity is related to tau burden and memory loss in autosomal-dominant Alzheimer’s disease”Neurodegenerative
1464Micheal David“Home monitoring of vital signs and generation of alerts in a cohort of people living with dementia”Neurodegenerative
1474Muhammed M Hasan“Targeting the glycine/D-serine binding site on NMDA receptors in an ex vivo model of Alzheimer’s disease”Neurodegenerative
1484Karin Terburgh“Neurometabolomics of Leigh syndrome: Region-specific insights from the Ndufs4 KO mouse brain “Neurodegenerative
1494Ruiqing  Ni“High precision in vivo assessment of Alzheimer’s _-amyloid deposits with multi-scale optical imaging”Neurodegenerative
1504Alexis Moscoso“Time course of phosphorylated-tau181 in blood across the Alzheimer’s disease spectrum “Neurodegenerative
1514Akin Nihat“Predicting prognosis and care needs in Sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease”Neurodegenerative
1524Maria Kokkali“Neurotrophin mimetic BNN27 exerts neuroprotective and neurogenic effects, ameliorating cognitive impairments in the 5xFAD mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease  “Neurodegenerative
1534Dervis A Salih“Genetic variability associated with OAS1 expression in myeloid cells increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and severe COVID-19 outcomes”Neurodegenerative
1554Jessica  L. Hazelton“Losing track of the heart: Impaired cardiac interoceptive accuracy in behavioural-variant frontotemporal dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease”Neurodegenerative
1564Fatemeh Sadat Abtahi“Evaluation of neuropathic pain sensation following microinjection of rotenone into the Substantia Nigra pars compacta induced Hemi-Parkinson in rats”Neurodegenerative
1574Paul D Zeun“Characterising the biological and clinical manifestations of Huntington’s disease in gene carriers far from predicted onset “Neurodegenerative
1584Maura Malpetti“In vivo PET imaging to assess pathology staging in progressive supranuclear palsy”Neurodegenerative
1594Leah Holm-Mercer“The effect of CAG repeat length on social behaviour in the Hdh mouse model of Huntington’s disease”Neurodegenerative
1604Natalia Siwecka“Inhibition of the Unfolded Protein Response signaling pathway as a novel target in Parkinson’s disease: an in vitro study”Neurodegenerative
1614Mhoriam Ahmed“Augmenting the heat shock response ameliorates neuropathology in mouse and human models of ALS and FTD.”Neurodegenerative