Virtual Poster platform ‘Gather’ instructions

The poster presentation will take place in an 8bit 2D environment like the classic game, Super Mario. Imagine yourself in a conference hall – except now virtually! Attendees will be able to walk around virtual poster rooms and interact with each poster, while being able to interact and talk to people ‘virtually’ close to you. An example of the format is shown below:

In Gather, you can see and hear the people around you. You can navigate using the arrow keys on your keyboard to move around. The posters will be split into 4 rooms, specfic to the poster sessions. When close to a poster, you can view it in full by ‘interacting’ with the poster (pressing “x”). To initate or join public conversations, simply walk close to others as you would in a real-world conference.

Poster sessions organised by room
Poster numbers will be labelled by row. Stand in the area next to the poster and press “x” on your keyboard to interact

For more flexible conversation dynamics, you can enter “private spaces.” Private spaces are areas in the map where everyone inside can see each other, no matter how far they are with no video/audio fading. Furthermore only other users in the same private space can see or hear you.

Join private spaces or rooms to connect only with those in the same space.

If you are looking for someone specific, you can select their name in the participant bar on the side and a create a path to them.

We will be releasing the links to the virtual Gather poster sessions shortly. We recommend using Google Chrome. When Gather launches, you will be prompted to allow permissions for your browser to use your computers microphone and camera. Select ‘allow’. This setting can also be changed using your browsers preferences. Add your name and join the gathering.


Audio visual troubleshooting: