Our plenary talk by the renowned Alastair Compston on “A History of BRAIN” has been rescheduled to 20:00 GMT. Please check email for updated link for new session in Crowdcast, alternatively please navigate to this session by using the schedule option in the top left-hand side of the screen.


The BRAIN conference will be held on the 4th and 5th of March. To cater for an international audience and speaker base, we will have talks throughout the day, starting at 10:00 GMT till 15:00 GMT on the 4th of March, and 13:00 till 20:00 GMT on the 5th. The schedule will be updated shortly as the speakers are confirmed.

Each day is composed of Topic Sessions running parallel in two streams. Each Topic Session contains 3 invited talks – a clinical Teaching talk, a Basic Science Research presentation and a Translational Research presentation. Each Topic Session will also feature 2 ‘data blitz’ presentations selected from submitted abstracts.

Confirmed speakers and sessions.

Chair: Dimitri Kullmann
Teaching Talk: Sam Berkovic – “Clinical and molecular genetics of epiliepsies and the push to precision medicine”
Basic Science Talk: Catherine Schevon – “Neurophysiology at the ictal transition:  summary of evidence from human and animal recordings”
Translational Science Talk: Matthew Walker – “Gene therapy for focal epilepsy; the path to translation”

Chair: Anne Rosser
Teaching Talk: John Hardy -“Genomic analyses of neurodegenerative diseases”
Basic Science Talk: Bart De Strooper -“The cellular phase of Alzheimer’s disease”
Translational Science Talk: Sarah Tabrizi -“New Genetic Therapies for Huntington’s disease”

Chair: Masud Husain
Teaching Talk: Masud Husain – “Executive functions and the Dysexecutive syndrome”
Basic Science Talk: Fiona Kumfor – “Social cognition”
Translational Science Talk: James Rowe – “Apathy and impulsivity”

Chair: Olga Ciccarelli
Teaching Talk: Jeffrey Bennett – “Latest medication of MS, including targeted B-cell therapies”
Basic Science Talk: Veronique Miron – “The role of astrocytes in remyelination”
Translational Science Talk: E. Ann Yeh – “Myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein (MOG) antibody associated disease”

Chair: Mary Reilly
Teaching Talk: Mary Reilly – “Approach to diagnosing inherited neuropathies in 2021”
Basic Science Talk: David Bennett – “New insights into neuropathic pain”
Translational Science Talk: Luis Querol – “Auto-antibodies in immune mediated neuropathies”

Chair: Peter Goadsby
Teaching Talk: Peter Goadsby – “Using the Neurobiology of Migraine to take a better history: premonitory symptoms”
Basic Science Talk: Phillip Holland – “Medication overuse headache. From bedside to bench and back again”
Translational Science Talk: Patricia Pozo-Rosich -“Personalized migraine attack prediction and phase definition using a multidimensional approach”

Neuropsychiatry of pain
Chair: Paul Fletcher
Teaching Talk: Lauren Atlas – “Psychological and neural mechanisms of pain perception”
Basic Science Talk: Flavia Mancini – “Understanding the neural and computational basis of pain: inference, learning and adaptive control.”
Translational Science Talk: Apkar Vania Apkarian – “Brain mechanisms of chronic pain: Translational opportunities”

Movement disorders
Chair: Anette Schrag
Teaching Talk: Anthony Lang – “Management of Parkinson’s Disease”
Basic Science Talk: Anthony Schapira – “Implications of genetics for the pathophysiology of Parkinson’s Disease”
Translational Science Talk: Malú Tansey – “Role of the immune system in Parkinson’s Disease”

Chair: Hugh Markus
Teaching Talk: Steven Greenberg – “Diagnosis and management of cerebral amyloid angiopathy”
Basic Science Talk: Marion Buckwalter – “Immune changes after stroke”
Translational Science Talk: Keith Muir – “The ischaemic penumbra, from concept, through imaging, to intervention for acute stoke beyond 6 hour”

Infectious diseases
Chair: Tom Solomon
Teaching Talk: Nick Davies – “Clinical Approach to Patients with Suspected Encephalitis”
Basic Science Talk: Ben Michael – “Disease Mechanisms in Encephalitis”
Translational Science Talk: Tom Solomon – “Emerging Causes of Brain Infection”

Traumatic brain injury
Chair: David Sharp
Teaching Talk: David Sharp – “Neurological management of traumatic brain injury”
Basic Science Talk: David Loane – “The far-reaching scope of neuroinflammation following traumatic brain injury”
Translational Science Talk: Vicki Anderson – “Predicting outcome from early TBI: a biopsychosocial approach”

Chair: Nicholas Wood
Teaching Talk: Nicholas Wood – “How to approach a neurogenetic case in clinic”
Basic Science Talk: Mina Ryten – “What are transcriptomics telling us about neurological disease?”
Translational Science Talk: Henry Houlden – “Impact of whole genome sequencing to clinical practice”

Chair: Michael Hanna
Teaching Talk: Michael Hanna – “Muscle channelopathies 2021-clinical, genetic and management considerations”
Basic Science Talk: Patrick Chinnery – “The origins of mitochondrial DNA mutations and implications for muscle diseases”
Translational Science Talk: Francesco Muntoni – “Gene therapy in muscle disease”

Chair: Michael Zandi
Teaching Talk: David Isenberg – “A little history…a little immunology….a little hope!”
Basic Science Talk: Markus Glatzel – “Neuropathology of COVID19”
Translational Science Talk: Anna Nordvig – “Cognitive aspects of Covid-19”

Alastair Compston – History of BRAIN

Data Blitz Oral presenters.

Gabriele Lignani – “Activity-dependent Gene Therapy for Intractable Epilepsy”
Mathilde Ripart – “MELD project: Quantitative analysis of associations between MRI features and FCD histopathologies”

Marta Perez-Gonzalez – “PLA2G4E, a candidate gene for resilience in Alzheimer´s disease and a new target for dementia treatment”
Alexis Moscoso – “Time course of phosphorylated-tau181 in blood across the Alzheimer’s disease spectrum”

Angeliki Zarkali – “Visual dysfunction predicts cognitive impairment and white matter degeneration in Parkinson’s disease”
Youssuf Saleh – “Apathy in small vessel cerebrovascular disease is associated with deficits in effort-based decision making”

Rebecca Holloway – “Microglial inflammasome activation drives developmental white matter injury”
Adam Al-Diwani – “Direct evaluation of cervical lymph node and ovarian teratoma as sites of auto-reactivity in NMDAR-antibody encephalitis”

Giovanna Capodivento – “Sphingomyelin: a novel CSF biomarker of demyelination in immune-mediated neuropathies”
Sudarshini Ramanathan – “Immunotherapy responsive neuropathic pain associated with LGI1 and CASPR2 antibodies”

Olivia Grech – “Investigation of mitochondrial respiratory function in a brain slice model of cortical spreading depression.”
Moreno Ajona – “Primary cough headache in a Cough Unit”

Neuropsychiatry of pain
Yun Liang – “Imaging Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain: Insights from Combining AI and Granger Causality”
Xianwei Che – “High-frequency rTMS over the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex on chronic and provoked pain: A systematic review and meta-analysis”

Movement disorders
Sebastian Schreglmann – “Non-invasive Amelioration of Essential Tremor via Phase-Locked Disruption of its Temporal Coherence”
Chencheng Zhang – “Subthalamic and pallidal stimulations in patients with Parkinson’s disease: common and dissociable connections”

Siobhan Crilly – “Chemical screening in zebrafish larval model of intracerebral haemorrhage identifies ACE-inhibitors as potential therapeutic”
Ali Ali – “The acute effects of remote ischaemic conditioning on cerebral perfusion in healthy subjects”

Infectious diseases
Asma Hassani – “Primary peripheral EBV infection can lead to CNS infection and inflammation in a rabbit model”
Greta Wood – “Clinical, investigatory, and aetiological predictors of seizures in acute encephalitis”

Traumatic brain injury
Lennart Riemann – “Relationship between intracranial lesions on brain computed tomography and global functional outcome in adolescents with mild traumatic brain injury”
Neil Graham – “Advanced blood and neuroimaging biomarkers of axonal injury after TBI in the prospective multi-centre BIO-AX-TBI study”

Darius Ebrahimi-Fakhari – “Systematic Analysis of Brain MRI Findings In Adaptor Protein Complex 4 – associated Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia Reveals Patterns For Diagnosis and Disease Progression”
Katherine Fodder – “Brain co-methylation signatures in Progressive supranuclear palsy”

Vinojini Vivekanandam – “Andersen-Tawil Syndrome: Multi-System Deep Phenotyping of a large UK cohort”
Robert Pitceathly – “Cardiolipin in health and mitochondrial disease”

Yizhou Yu – “Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases predict different COVID-19 outcomes, a UK Biobank study”
Akram Hosseini – “Long-term consequences of COVID-19 on neurocognitive and mental health functions: Clinical and 7T MRI study”

Speaker declarations