The Brain conference will be held on the 24th and 25th of March 2022. To cater for an international audience and speaker base, we will have talks throughout the day, starting at 10:00 GMT till 17:30 GMT on the 24th of February, and 13:00 till 18:40 GMT on the 25th February. The schedule will be updated shortly as the speakers are confirmed.

As with the 2021 conference, the conference is composed of multiple “Topic Sessions”. Each Topic Session will contain 3 talks given by speakers invited by the Chair – a “Teaching Talk”, a “Basic Science” Talk and a “Translational Science” Talk – and two “Data Blitz” oral presentations selected from submitted abstracts.

We will also have a Plenary Lecture on the 24th February, an interact Poster Session on the 24th and a Public Neuroscience Lecture on the 25th February.

The full schedule of speakers will appear shortly.

Confirmed speakers and sessions.

Chair: Matthew Walker

Chair: Giovanna Mallucci

Chair: James Rowe

Chair: Frauke Zipp

Sleep & Circadian Rhythms
Chair: Derk-Jan Dijk

Neurodevelopmental Diversity
Chair: Sue Fletcher-Watson

Nerve & Neuropathy
Chair: Mary Reilly

Headache & Pain
Chair: Messoud Ashina

Chair: Eileen Joyce

Movement disorders
Chair: Anne Rosser

Chair: Dorothee Saur

Infectious diseases
Chair: Avi Nath

Traumatic brain injury
Chair: David Sharp

Chair: Ammar Al-Chalabi

Chair: Mike Hanna

Motor Neurone Disease
Chair: Kevin Talbot

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